Wednesday, November 7, 2012


November 07th, 2012. Depending on their locations, their times zones, and their levels of excitement, millions of people across the world chose to forfeit sleep the night before to be able to stay awake into the early hours of this new day, whist others were waking up early as the new dawn broke. A new day, and a new time.

Why the lack of sleep? What could possibly draw such global attention?

As the 07th of November tick-tocked into its first minutes and hours across the eastern regions of the world map, polls were closing and ballots were being counted across the map of the USA. It was the morning after the US Presidential Election Day of 2012.

Who would it be? Who would be the leader of people of the US for the next four years? Who, therefore, would be the greatest individual source of influence on the rest of the world? 

Who would it be occupying the White House?
And what would be the global implications in homes across the globe?

Throughout the presidential race, the world has watched, and watched, and watched, with unprecedented interest. Positions were learnt, personalities were analysed. Why? Why all of the personal investment in leadership choices when the leader was not to be one's own?

One simple reason: borders and ballot boxes no longer separate people. While an event of north American geography, the far reaching implications of this one nation's political leadership race was clear. If the choice was red, a new path would be taken - dramatic policy positions would shift, relationships with global leaders be altered, and international markets would recalibrate. If the choice was blue, the four years ahead would be continued careful journey on a path of known direction, with the destination a continued source of hope and faith - for Americans and the rest of the world.

Aside from the remarkable, often shameful levels of attacking campaign commentary and rhetoric, and of course funds, what has been astounding to see has been the levels of global interest in how America casts its vote - global interest wide and deep enough that the watching world spent the day hiding yawns from sleep deficit. From well known world leaders to unknown nations from regions beyond America's borders, the final count brought a cheer of victory as though these foreign hands had themselves ticked the box for their preferred candidate. 

America has cast its vote, the people of the USA have chosen, the Empire State Building is illuminated in blue, global headlines are expressing excited announcement of President Obama's four more years, and the people of the world are now ready to walk with America into the next stage of shaping a collective, interdependent future.

With a sense of relief in the minds and hearts of millions across the world, it is safe to, for the moment, shut their eyes and get some sleep. Hope endures.

Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2012 

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