Monday, April 30, 2012


For all of the souvenirs that can be purchased across the world, few things stir up as much emotion as the soundbytes that we take home, packed deeply in our memories, from places visited, people met and moments felt. It is these soundbytes that turn into shared, and reshared, and reshared, stories not only on return to home/office base, but in these times of ever-connected technology.

These moments, these soundbytes, occur during travels of business and pleasure. And often, the most poignant of them are created by complete stranger…people who happen to cross our path and simply open the door, open their knowledge, or open their heart. 

A stranger, unlocking a massive wooden door of a centuries old Arabian palace to reveal the secret of the most awe-inspiring view of the Great Pyramids. 

A stranger, gently folding back the petals of a lily to teach how to turn a flower into a temple offering. A stranger, standing firm in traffic to make crossing a frenetic city street safe passage. 

A stranger, now the source of a precious story.

Random acts of kindness are the moments that turn seconds into soundbytes, soundbytes into stories. They are the stuff that travel blessings are made of…

Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2012

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