Tuesday, May 22, 2012


In just one more sleep, Egyptians will be waking to the dawning of a new day. A new chapter in the story of one of the world’s most ancient lands is about to be written. The ink is ready. Election day is but hours away.

Tomorrow the sun will shine stronger, brighter. Election day will have finally arrived. And in the 48 hours that will follow, Egypt will make history once more.

For the first time in the lives of many Egyptians, this election day will be one that they actually trust to reflect their votes. Many elders will mark a ballot for the first time, making a real choice, not questioning if it really matters. Egypt’s youth, feeling a particular pride because of their specific role in reaching this day, will mark their ballots purposefully and This time is different. These times are so very different.

Lines will form, thousands of lines formed by millions of citizens, each and every one ready to place their vote, make their mark, play their part. Weaving, weaving, weaving through the streets of the nation, stretching from Lower to Upper Egypt, voter lines will come together in a remarkable re-weaving of the spirit of the flag, their flag. Different people of different views, different backgrounds, different ideologies, different visions of a new Egypt, as different as red, black and white, all coming together.

Egypt’s election is not simply a political process in a country. This event is a symbol of the process of growth that has occurred since the start of the Arab Spring, a worldwide symbol.

Since 25.01.2011, the world has been watching, with hope and prayer. From Tahrir Square to today, the nation’s journey has been one with smooth patches, but also with its times of stones blocking the way and slowing pace, as well as stones being thrown. Looking back, thinking back, events deemed inevitable still inspire awe at their having actually occurred. The courage that it took for Egyptians to stand as one to change the course of their history, their lives, must never, ever be forgotten. Similarly, the courage it continues to take to sustain the journey of national rebuilding with patience, purpose and participation.

Election day is not only a day to look ahead with excitement, it is a day to pause, to be still, to absorb the profound meaning of the here & now. So much will continue to change. Unknowns remain. Choices will be made that many will agree with, many will not. As shared by one of Egypt’s young professionals: “It is exciting nonetheless as for the first time in Egypt’s 7000 year history Egyptians do not know who will be their next leader.”

Insh’Allah, the power of the people will be, and remain, peacefully and purposefully united with the people in power.

With Spring comes new life. The Arab Spring is no different.

Copyright: ANITA MENDIRATTA 2012

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